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New York Winter 2012-2013
New York Spring 2013
New York Winter 2014-2015
San Francisco 2014-2015
London 2014-2015

This web-site was created in order to present the results of city Clustering into dynamic areas based on social, temporal and spatial characteristics of places based on their social media activity. We studied 3 different cities New York, London and San Francisco. For each dataset we present three different segmentations of the city. In the first case, we segmented the city based on social and spatial characteristics of venues and that clusters was named as “Social Clusters”. In the second case, we segmented the city based on spatio-temporal characteristics of venues – “Temporal clusters”. Finally, we conducted clustering by taking into consideration social, temporal and spatial characteristics as well as the category of the venues (named as “Combo clusters”) based on the assumption that cities are not shaped by only one characteristic but by a set of forces. In case of New York City, we studied data from three different periods in order to study how cities are changing during time. Select a dataset from the above listing in order to see the results of the analysis. The results are presented in a map and they are accompanied by Statistics.